Haeundae Blueline Park In Busan

Published on 6 August 2022 at 20:34

Today, we walked to tram station and purchased one-way tickets to ride the Sky Capsule from Mipo to Cheongsapo. While we waited to board, we ate 떡볶이 (spicy stir-fried rice cakes), fish cake soup, and red bean bingsu. The Sky Capsule was the perfect way to see beautiful coastal scenery. We were quite high above the coast and could see everything!

Our ride ended in the fishing village of Cheongsapo, which is known for its twin lighthouses and wall murals. We had planned to return on the train, but that was not to be. While we were eating donuts at a seaside cafe, we heard a horrendous noise. The train had an accident with a taxi! Fortunately, there were no major injuries. Because of this, we took the Sky Capsule back to Haeundae Beach.