Back To Seoul

Published on 9 August 2022 at 20:34

For the final leg of our journey we took the KTX high speed train (first class) from Busan to Seoul. We were greeted by the worst rainfall and flooding here in more than 80 years. Yikes! We still ventured out for dinner to celebrate Kayleigh’s birthday. Then we took the subway back to our hotel.

Awoke to a ceiling leak that was quickly repaired by hotel staff. Caroline lost a contact on the subway and we stopped in a mall shop. They made her prescription glasses in 10 minutes. That’s service!

Look at us in our beautiful traditional hanboks! The rain did not deter us! The ladies in the rental shop dressed us and fixed our hair. One of them was a Chinese student here to study fashion. What a treat! I felt like a princess!

For a late lunch we turned down a side street and found delicious Chuncheon-style spicy chicken.

It’s still pouring rain, so we called it an early evening. According to the latest local news, the record rainfall is the worst in some parts of Seoul since 1904, the year officials began documenting precipitation. The flooding has caused some subway closures, so we’ll check in the morning to see if we can still ride the subway to the airport!