Mancheonha Skywalk & Dodamsambong Peaks

Published on 4 April 2023 at 08:40

I went on another solo journey, this time to explore Danyang's skywalk and surrounding area. After an early breakfast at the 7-11 and a taxi ride to the train station, I had a few minutes to make sure I was on the right train going in the correct direction. I could have ended up anywhere!

Thanks to my daughter Caroline for purchasing my tickets in advance so that part was handled. The train ride through the countryside took just over an hour, and the train had free Wi-Fi!

So after taxi, train, and bus rides I arrived at Mancheonha Skywalk. Before the climb, I fortified myself with pastries and coffee. The climb to the top was daunting, but worth every step. The views were magnificent!

As I was walking around on top of the world (or it felt like it) I saw a grandma taking pictures of a mom, dad, little boy, and baby girl. They were such a beautiful family. I thought they were so adorable that they could be used on a poster for Korean tourism! Then the mom offered to take pictures of me. I was so grateful. 

Since I didn't choose to ride the monorail, carts, or zip line at the Skywalk, I had time to visit another beloved and well-photographed site, the Dodamsambong Peaks. I spent the afternoon there relaxing and taking photos. While sitting alone, a young man who spoke some English came over, asked me where I was from, and told me this was one of the most beautiful places in Korea. I have to agree. Before leaving I had a late lunch of wild vegetable bibimbap. No, I never tire of it!

At each location, whenever I was leaving, someone would help me figure out how to get where I was going next. You can't use the taxi app here unless you have a Korean credit card, which I don't. The taxi driver could, however, take a foreign credit card in person. I didn't want to call for a taxi from my phone because they likely didn't speak English, so I made it from point A to B to C with the help of two kind gentlemen. 

At the train station, I got the attention of a third gentleman who helped me get to the correct platform and spot to catch my train back. I had already been warned there was only one train home in the evening, and not to miss it! I became quite good at using my iPhone for photos and translations. For example, when leaving I took a photo of the train station to show to the taxi driver for the return trip. What did we do before cell phones? I made it back in time for dinner with Caroline and Kayleigh!