Arriving in Spain

Published on 5 October 2022 at 13:24

We arrived in Spain on a clear, lovely day!

We took a taxi from the airport in rush hour traffic and arrived in time to check in and find a roadside cafe where we got pizza and the best sangria I have ever tasted! I should have asked for the recipe (and I still might) but they don’t speak English and I’m finding my 100+ days of Spanish on Duolingo not exceptionally helpful. 

Sangria de Cava

Today I started with (no surprise) cappuccino and croissant. I did get to say, “Gracias, Señor. Muy bien.” Hahahaha! I don’t think the waiter at our hotel breakfast bar was impressed. Today we mostly ate and walked. Around the corner from our hotel we found a charming little restaurant for lunch before we hopped the metro into city center for walking and window shopping. All three of our apartments or hotels have been within a short distance to public transport, which is so convenient. Courtney did a superb job finding our accommodations. While out we couldn't find a public toilet so we went into a restaurant for an appetizer and wine so we could use the toilets - at Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona. That was a flash from the past! Many years ago when traveling with my math teacher colleagues, we would visit Hard Rock Cafes and purchase shot glasses. Today I kept the tradition alive! 

Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona