Published on 21 June 2023 at 10:53

In the summer of 1981, to escape the Atlanta heat, my roommate and I bought plane tickets, packed our duffel bags, and took off for Britain.  We spent two days in London before heading out to explore as much of England and Scotland as possible.

In the days before cell phones and internet searches, we just bought BritRail passes and went from place to place. This provided us with many unplanned but extraordinary adventures!

One of our favorite trips led us to Stonehenge on the morning of Summer Solstice. We took an early bus so we could be amongst the historical stones at sunrise. Across the street pilgrims had set up tents. It was the cows, the campers, and the curious in the countryside that day. 

Because we were there on Summer Solstice, we were allowed to walk around in the ring of stones. If we had gone on any other day the stones would have been roped off to protect them and the grassy area between them. We were so lucky our journey led us to Stonehenge on that morning!