Burst Mode

Published on 23 March 2023 at 18:52

This image was captured when my daughter tossed a ball into the air. I used burst so I would have lots of action photos to select from. This was my favorite because you could see her tossing the ball, and the ball in its path between the trees, as it lifted into the sky. This was not accomplished on the first try. It was windy and the ball didn't want to cooperate. We finally got one I was happy with!

The next two shots were taken in one burst, and show different locations of the ball as it rises into the sky. Using burst doesn't really work unless you have lots of light. When I tried to capture my cat leaping from his cat tree, he was just a blur because the inside lighting was not bright enough. The best use of burst is outdoors in natural light, capturing some form of movement or action (like sports.)