Jeju Sites And History

Published on 3 August 2022 at 20:34

We spent two nights in Seogwipo-si on the south side of the island. Beautiful scenery and views of the water from cliffside inspired us to take a yacht tour for a different perspective. Before boarding we took pictures of waterfalls and statues, like the diving woman. Jeju’s diving women (haenyeo) are a symbol of the island and ancient tradition still practiced today.

The story of the haenyeo is that in the past Jeju men went to the sea by boat to fish, but boats were easily shipwrecked by sudden tidal waves or hurricanes. At first diving and collecting seafood was a man’s job, but as more men were lost at sea, women had to dive to get seafood, and women sea diving became part of the culture.

For dinner we ate Korean Black Pork BBQ. The owner recommended his favorite dish and they helped us cook it. So delicious!