From Cheongju To Jeju

Published on 2 August 2022 at 20:34

We left early to travel by train then plane to Jeju, an island off the southwestern coast of Korea. We had an incident at the airport where Caroline was called back to security because I accidentally left a phone charger (battery) in my suitcase. Whoops! Caroline, Kayleigh, and I checked into our resort and walked around to take pictures. It was incredibly hot and humid, much more so than in South Carolina. 

Kayleigh is an English teacher from Australia who serves students in three middle schools. Her students must all wear school uniforms and their hair must be its natural color. In her schools, students are separated by gender. She teaches in two schools of boys, and one of girls.


We had dinner at The Cliff, which had gorgeous views of the water and beach. We really loved our first day in Jeju!