Published on 1 August 2022 at 20:34

We started our day with a short walk to the convenience store for iced coffee and Yakgwa (Korean honey cookies).

Teachers Hyewon and Guyeol picked us up for a day of adventures in Chungju which began with an authentic Korean meal (막국수 or spicy buckwheat noodles), a visit to Jungangtap Historic Park on the Namhangang River, photos at the Seven-Story Stone Pagoda, and a stroll through the statues. We tasted Makkoli (rice wine) which was sweet and delicious! Thanks to Guyeol for the lovely gift set of Makkoli in a glass decanter with cups to remember my trip and meeting wonderful people. Guyeol is an elementary school teacher and Hyewon teaches special needs students. We relaxed in a cafe where we chatted over drinks and pastries. We ended the day shopping for local peaches in a grocery store.

Many thanks to friends Hyewon and Guyeol for such an educational and enjoyable day!