Williamsburg, VA

Published on 14 February 2023 at 13:06

Boobs & Booze (aka Girls Trip)

In October of 2021, we took our first ever all-girls family road trip to celebrate a milestone birthday in Williamsburg, VA! After a six hour drive and a night in our condo, we began our first day with breakfast at a very busy local diner, where Courtney, Michelle, Sherry, and I all tried the special of the day: mimosa flights.

Trying to get a good photo of Courtney’s Halloween-themed flight resulted in a name for our present and future trips. Boobs & Booze!

James River near Williamsburg

Boobs & Booze

Mimosas with Michelle

We found an interesting place to visit next, Silver Hand Meadery, where we tried flights of mead and several types of honey. Mead is always fun for tastings because honey is different everywhere, and I’ve never had a bad glass of the world’s oldest kind of booze. That evening, after an unexpected delay (we missed the sign outside saying we were meant to call for a reservation!) we ate dinner at a steakhouse nearby and went back to the condo for games. 

Honey Tastings

Our second day started at a pancake house. We planned for lunch at Williamsburg Winery, with flights of wine and country views. Unfortunately, it turned out that there was no restaurant open on the property, so one of the girls found the snack case in the gift shop and our actual lunch was mostly seasoned nut mixes. We finished our time at the winery by buying bottles of our favorites to take back home, then went into town to walk among historic buildings. 

Courtney, Michelle, birthday girl Sherry, and me

While wandering the pretty streets of Williamsburg, we found a cute café that lured us in with signs promising pumpkin-spiced cocktails and good old-fashioned comfort foods. Sherry and Courtney ordered the pumpkin beverages, and immediately made matching faces when they took a sip. It turned out the waitress (who had stepped in for the bartender) had accidentally switched the pumpkin liquor for the pumpkin syrup! The girls took a moment to think about it and laughed it off that they were essentially getting extra alcohol for free, and it was perfectly in line with the birthday celebration so far.

Wine for me and Michelle, pumpkin-spiced drinks for Sherry and Courtney

We finished the day in Colonial Williamsburg with an event that Courtney will drag anyone to, anywhere, anytime. A ghost tour. Our guide was a fun man who had been working this particular tour for several years, and who gave us lots of fun facts about the buildings and history. The girls took lots of photos, trying to catch ghosts on camera. The pillar with the skull and dog that only become visible at night was spooky, but my favorite story was about the man who died just before the American Revolution and was said to be waiting in the graveyard for his fiancée, Martha. Turns out that after he died, Martha never came back because she was buried alongside the man she DID marry, George Washington! 

Ghost Tour House that changes color in different lights

Cobblestone streets and historic homes

Can you see the skull and dog? Spooky!

Our last morning together on the trip was the long drive home, but we had some beautiful scenery, and got to enjoy each other’s company until arriving home and going our separate ways until our next girls-only getaway!

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