From Seoul to Eumseong

Published on 27 December 2018 at 21:06

On our first full day, we rested to adjust to the time change and had a fabulous breakfast, a blend of Western and Korean foods. Later, we took a bus from Seoul to Caroline's town, where she met us after teaching elementary students all day. She gave us a short walking tour of town, and took us to a favorite barbecue spot. We got to try food grilled tableside with lots of fresh sides. Delicious!!! 

After dinner we were off to the Noraebang for karaoke. This is one of Caroline's favorite things to do! A Noraebang is a private room where you can sing to your heart's content. Popular English songs are even available, which was good for us.  Caroline and Courtney are quite good at this! (I am not, but I had a great time!)

Outside the Noraebang

We didn't want to end the evening by returning to Seoul without her, but Caroline had to stay and teach the next day. We can't wait for the weekend when she can join us!