New Year’s Eve

Published on 31 December 2018 at 12:53

It's New Year's Eve and we're taking a bus to the smaller city of Cheongju to celebrate with Caroline's friends. Cheongju is much closer to Caroline's town than Seoul. The friends we met were English teachers from all over. 

We shared dinner and drinks before moving to the main attraction for the evening - archery! It was funny to see corn on the pizza, but it's quite common there and was delicious. Going around the table from left to right are Caroline, Courtney, me, Cami's date, Cami, Sam, and Sloan. 

Indoor archery was a very unique way to spend the final hours of 2018. As we geared up to shoot, Caroline's friend Sloan helped us prepare and gave us tips to improve our aim. It really did help! I don't think we're ready for the Olympic trials, but at least we hit the targets!

We stopped shooting and posed together for a Happy New Year photo at midnight. What a fun group! South Koreans don't really celebrate this holiday, so around us it was business as usual. Their big celebration is Lunar New Year, which isn't until February. 

When we finally left the archery bar, we headed back to our small hotel for a good nights sleep before an early morning bus ride.