Meerkat Café and Trick Eye Museum

Published on 30 December 2018 at 12:40

We loved the cat café so much, after breakfast we visited a different animal café that had meerkats, raccoons, wallabies and more! Caroline said this was a must-see, and she was right! The main attraction was a walled-in area, where meerkats could climb all over you.

They sat everyone down in a big circle to meet the raccoon, who climbed up on Courtney's head! She and her grad school roommates love raccoons, so she was thrilled. Caroline sat with the wallaby, who couldn't be petted because she had a baby in her pouch. She also fed a fox, with supervision. When it was finally our turn to go in with the meerkats, we had to cover our laps with blankets, tuck in our hoodie strings, and watch our pockets because they are mischievous and will pull on loose clothing or items. One tried to get into my hood, and another down Courtney's shirt. Our favorite was wearing a paper hat!

Here are some highlights from the café. 

We spent our evening in the Trick Eye Museum and Ice Palace. All is not what it seems!