From Seoul to Eumseong

Published on 2 April 2023 at 08:39

On our final morning in Seoul, we got up for a sunrise view of the Han River before having breakfast downstairs at the hotel. We hit a snag with the bus app, so we had to take a detour by the bus terminal to purchase tickets to Caroline's town. If we hadn't gotten tickets, we would have had a very, very expensive taxi ride home! Once we had bus tickets in our hands, we set out to explore the river in daytime and a nearby park. 

Sunrise over the Han

We must eat before we walk!

Beautiful Caroline amidst trees and fallen petals on the way to the subway

Waiting for the subway 

Han River from the subway window 

Han River

On the rocks!

With my Sweet Caroline

On the way to the subway through the library

We almost rode one of these swan paddle boats out into the Han, but were afraid we would end up like these poor lost souls, and not make it back to shore in time for our bus trip!

Our last hour in Seoul was spent relaxing in a nearby park. The cherry blossoms and other flowers were in full bloom, and you could smell their sweetness from the bench where we sat and watched a family and pair of young girls play badminton. While walking through, we found a mineral spring and sipped the cold water from spigot. We weren't one hundred percent sure it was safe, but it tasted great!