Leaving Japan: Tips & Takeaways

Published on 19 August 2023 at 16:27

We cleaned the condo, took one last selfie, and left in an Uber taxi for Shin-Osaka train station, where we went our separate ways to catch trains to different airports. By the time I got to Haneda my bags were getting heavy so I found a rolling cart (what a blessing!) and had one last tempura meal in the airport.

As with every trip, this one passed way too quickly!

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Here are a few tips and takeaways from our Japan trip:

  • Always carry yen with you because some places are cash only. There are drink machines on the streets that take cash and have water, flavored water, fruit juice, and tasty coffee drinks. 
  • Buy a rail pass and a subway card. These two things will get you anywhere you want to go and save you lots of time. 
  • Pack light and carry clothes you can wash and hang dry. Our condo had a washer and drying rack for the patio. 
  • Don’t pack toiletries (unless you need specific brands) because there are convenience stores everywhere with reasonable prices. We visited them daily for necessities and breakfast items. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes that slip on because you'll be walking a lot, and have to leave your shoes at the door some places, including where you stay.
  • Download a translation app that uses the camera. Outside of major cities there is less access to English and its helpful to take pics the app can translate, or you can type in a question/comment to show someone in their language. 
  • Buy an eSIM card for data or an international plan from your phone company. 
  • Carry an extra charging device. Taking photos, videos, and using navigation apps runs down your phone battery! I carry a magnetic pod, Courtney has a charger case, and Caroline carries a plug-in charger pack. 

Here is a list of apps we used in Japan:

  • JapanTravel (navigation)
  • Klook (JR pass, Universal Studios pass, Tower tickets, etc.)
  • Universal Studios Japan
  • Airalo (eSIM)
  • Papago (translation)
  • Uber (Uber Eats, taxis)
  • Airbnb (condo)
  • Fly Delta 
  • The Weather Channel

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10 months ago

amazing! loved reading about your journeys 💛