Basilica San Lorenzo

Published on 27 September 2022 at 06:43

On our second day in Florence we visited the Basilica San Lorenzo, a Renaissance church full of artwork commissioned by the de’Medici family, including works of Donatello. The de’Medici family ruled the region until the 1700's and were responsible for many notable innovations in art and architecture. We bought tickets and downloaded an audio tour on Courtney's phone and shared her Bluetooth headphones, which I was really glad she brought. It's a good thing she never goes anywhere without them!

Donatello's Pulpit

Choir Loft

Building Foundation 

Pier Antoni Mitchell, who founded the first botanical society in the world. 

For dinner we ate our first Italian pizza followed by gelato. My favorite thing was the pizza crust. When I asked if gelato is like ice cream, Courtney said “gelato is what ice cream wants to be when it grows up.” We rode the train back and stopped to buy groceries in the local mart, then walked to the apartment.