Dōtonbori, Osaka

Published on 16 August 2023 at 14:56

We spent several evenings in the Dōtonbori (or Dōtombori) area, which is the shopping and neon-lit nightlife district in Osaka. We could walk there from our condo, so we kept going back for all the touristy stuff.

We struck a pose in front of the famous Glico Man sign, walked around to see all the 3-D signboards, waved at the tour boats on the canal, and ate street food including takoyaki (made by grilling pieces of octopus with various spices and wrapping them in floury balls of dough) and delicious fresh strawberry desserts. The girls tried the 10-yen coin, a pancake molded like both sides of the coin containing a chunk of mozzarella cheese. It was interesting to watch the foods being made and served on the streets.

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Dotonbori Canal is lined with lanterns and shops. One evening we met Kaleigh and had dinner at a counter in a dumpling shop where the girl was making the dumplings right in front of us. They were definitely fresh and tasty. We also walked down a narrow alleyway and found a small temple for prayers and local cat hangout. You never know what you’ll find around the next corner!

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