Osaka Giant Wheel & Aquarium Kaiyūkan

Published on 12 August 2023 at 21:14

Since my children were little, we have traveled together. On many trips, we visited local aquariums and zoos. On the way to the aquarium in Osaka, we saw a giant Ferris wheel, and had just enough time to ride it before our entry into the aquarium! Since so many people visit here, they are very organized and give you a time window for entry.

Caroline is afraid of heights, but braved this giant wheel to ride with Courtney and me. It made one huge, slow revolution. We were able to see for miles!

Photo Gallery (tap and swipe)

The aquarium was several stories high and its huge main tank filled with sharks, manta rays, and fish spanned the floors. In separate tanks were dolphins, penguins, otters, and other sea creatures. One new piece of information for me? Narwhals are real!

As we left the Port of Osaka at sunset, there were lovely views of the water. 

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